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We make workplaces more sustainable for people and planet


Maximum Performance. Minimum Footprint.

Your people, your space. Use Place.

Optimise your office space 

Increase utilisation, reconfigure and right-size to support employee needs without wasted cost

Improve workplace

Drive to net zero

Improve employee productivity and wellbeing via real-time, actionable insights and recommendations

Track energy use, reduce consumption and offset the remainder

Engage employees: Understand the why

Gain real time insights, increase autonomy, flexibility, comfort and opportunities for collaboration. 

Place empowers employees and provides data-driven insights to reduce cost and carbon 

of employees say that a well designed office environment improves collaboration and helps them feel more connected with their team and company culture

Reduce energy consumption and
carbon offsets

Optimise lighting and temperature with smart sensors and controls to reduce energy use. Place helps offset the rest.

why place
Why place

Save on unused office space

Leverage data to reconfigure or right-size your office space to maximise utilisation and avoid wasted cost

How does Place work? 





We gather the relevant workplace data to assess current office performance and set a baseline

We configure our tech stack for your workplace needs and fully integrate the necessary sensors and controls.

We combine employee feedback, occupancy and energy data to form a one-stop, actionable overview of workplace performance

Our analytics dashboard turns metrics into insights, supporting data-driven decision-making & net-zero targets

Hear It from Our Customers

"We needed to make the office environment seamless, sustainable and attractive to bring employees back. Place helped my team gain real-time feedback on what was and wasn't working well in our office space. We made simple adjustments and exceeded our workplace performance targets!" 

Simone, Corporate real-estate officer


Trusted by net-zero committed companies

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With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific

#01-02 Golden Agri Plaza, 108 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118535

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